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New Life for Your Damaged Furniture

Furniture shows signs of wear and tear over time. No matter how hard you try to protect them, your pieces will become torn and stained. At FURNITURE RENTAL ASSOCIATES, we extend the life of your sofas, chairs, and other items with furniture reupholstery and refinishing. All items are refurbished in our own warehouse and delivered in our own truck. These services are available for customers in the New York City area.

Chair and Table

Reupholstery & Refinishing

When you come to us for services, we show you a catalog of fabrics from which you may choose. If you prefer to supply your own material, we will work with it. We make the entire furniture reupholstery or refinishing process easier by performing all work in-house. This is how we make sure you and all our customers receive the exact service you request.

Additionally, when your furniture is reupholstered, you're doing your part to help create a "greener" environment by reusing something rather than buying a replacement. If your pieces are beyond repair, consider our furniture rentals as an alternative to purchasing new furniture.